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I have been working on the Star Wars team at Hasbro since September 2015. I have worked on various lines including Value, Kid, Stylized, Vehicles, and Creatures. Starting in August of 2018, I began leading the Vintage Collection, which is our fan line of 3.75 inch super articulated figures. Since October 2019, I started leading The Black Series, our 6 inch super articulated fan line. I am currently leading 180+ projects and have brought over 50 products to shelf.  I have worked closely with the Lucasfilm team to bring many of the iconic ships, creatures, and characters to life. 

I have attended numerous conventions as a brand ambassador, where I have done press interviews, panels and general fan interactions. I have attended San Diego Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, Mexico Unboxing Toy Convention, German Comic Con in Dortmund, Fan Expo Canada, and Hascon. I have also helped build the Comic Con Dioramas in 2017 and 2019.

I have always had a passion for film. It has grown from a love of monsters, creatures and imagination into a career that I am excited about every day. Growing up, movies like Star Wars, Aliens and Jurassic Park captured my young mind and drew me in. As I grew older, the thrill and magic of those movies has evolved into a deep appreciation for creation through world building, creature design and movie magic. My desire is to be a part of the team that sparks the joy, excitement, and curiosity that I have every time I step into a theater....




- Lead designer on the 6 inch Black Series line, brought back to the Star Wars Team, which consists of over 70 individual projects in a year.

- I am the leader on these projects, ensuring consistency between departments (sculpting, engineering, marketing, model artists, and

Lucasfilm). I am responsible for final approvals on each stage, as well as improving and maintaining a good working relationship with our

licensing partners at Lucasfilm

- Working closely with Lucasfilm and the studios producing the various movies and tv shows, I need to pivot and react fast to the ever

evolving and changing development for these shows/movies, all while ensuring accuracy and consumer value.

- I represented the brand on livestreams and doing press interviews, becoming a public face of the company and brand.

- FAN FIRST FRIDAY STREAM – helped pave the way for the first ever Fan First Friday Livestream.

- Starting in 2022, I took on the Indiana Jones Adventure Series figures, in addition to my Star Wars Black Series responsibilities.This line

consisted of 25 items.

- October 2019 - Placed on a new team to drive new development processes to increase speed to market, open up new sourcing models, and improve profitability of our 6 inch fan figures for Star Wars
- We will help roll out the implementation of best practices across the Entertainment Brands portfolio by partnering closely with other teams running 6” businesses.
- I am leading the 6” Black Series Collector line of figures which consists of 180 + projects

- Black Series made $6,000,000 + revenue in 2019 and Hasbro Star Wars’ largest money making line

- Prior to the Black Series, I lead the Vintage Collection Line of Figures starting in September of 2018.


INDUSTRIAL DESIGN CO-OP (9/3/14 - 12/19/14)

- Designer on the PACT Boys Team developing concepts through sketching and yellow foam prototyping

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN CO-OP (3/10/13 - 8/13/13 & 12/20/13 - 5/3/14)


- Designer developing the aesthetics and ergonomics for high end surgical devices

DIGITAL SCULPTING INTERN (4/10/2012 - 2/15/2013)

- Digital Sculptor for various toy companies, working in Zbrush and Freeform.




1500x580logoimax_1 (1)_1.png

- Experiment 18 received the third place IDSA award at DAAPworks 2015

- Runner up in the Godzilla IMAX fan art contest. Nine runner-ups were chosen by the director, Gareth Edwards

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